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U.S. Representative Justin Amash

Representing the 3rd District of Michigan

Amash praises Second Circuit ruling

May 7, 2015
Press Release
May 7, 2015
Jordan Bush
(616) 451-8383

Amash praises Second Circuit ruling

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Rep. Justin Amash released the following statement in response to the Second Circuit’s ruling that the NSA’s bulk collection program is illegal:

From day one following the revelation of the NSA's bulk collection program, I have said that the warrantless collection of records on all Americans violates both the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and the plain reading of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Today's Second Circuit ruling makes clear that the executive branch's interpretation of the statute—interpreting records "relevant" to a terrorism investigation to mean all records everywhere—is "unprecedented and unwarranted." In light of this ruling, Congress must not proceed with the latest version of the USA Freedom Act. While limiting certain types of bulk collection, the latest USA Freedom Act would authorize bulk collection of Americans' records for the first time, thereby undoing some of the progress resulting from the Second Circuit's decision. Instead, Congress should pass, and the president should sign, the original USA Freedom Act, as introduced in 2013 before amendments, that protects the liberty and privacy of all Americans while providing the intelligence community the authority necessary to deal with those who seek to harm us.